You’re not going to put that bike away over winter. You’re not going to lose your fitness, lose your edge,
or lose your shape. In fact, you’re going to use the winter to get fitter, to make your edge sharper,
and to make sure that you’re in shape and ready for Spring.

It doesn’t matter why you’ve invested in a bike; once you have, you can maximise the return
by incorporating workouts indoors on a trainer. The physical and health benefits to you are enormous.
The performance improvements can be staggering.

It doesn’t have to be a big budget expenditure,
and it isn’t complicated.
The Cycleops H Mag Turbo trainer is especially
easy to use (a bar mounter remote shifter allows
a simple resistance change while you’re riding) and
very convenient (it’s foldable).

If you’ve invested in a bike, then an indoor home trainer makes a lot of sense.
It becomes a very useful fitness tool, that helps you maximise your performance and
enjoyment when you do get out on the road.