We’re going to improve your climbing skills, but first, are you aware of how important ‘Glycogen’ is for your ability to
get to the top? Run out of glycogen, and your body starts frantically eating its own muscle tissue to create fuel.

Glycogen is an amazing, pedal-powering,
carbohydrate. It’s stored in your muscles,
liver, and brain.

Low-intensity riding will burn fat, but the moment you amp up the effort, you’re into your glycogen fuel.
If you were fully stocked at the start (that’s between 350 and 500g), you’ll have about 90 - 120 minutes of fuel.
High-intensity climbs can cause you to burn your precious fuel quicker,
so starting fully loaded with glycogen is important.

Fresh fruits, starchy vegetables
(eg. sweet potato), and whole grains
are good foods to eat in the week
to build your weekend climbing ability.

Try and avoid processed foods.

So, the first rule of any climb is:
You need to make sure you don’t run out fuel before the top.

Competitive cyclist, weekend-warrior, or keep-fit-cyclist; learning, or improving climbing skills makes cycling so much more enjoyable.
Times improve, you’ll notice the view more, enjoy the conversation, be more comfortable, and recovery will be quicker.
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