Treat yourself with a new piece of riding gear

A new piece of riding gear can be a great motivator for you to keep riding and improving as a cyclist. And after a long and busy year,
the December holidays provide the perfect opportunity to do just that. Why not use this time to keep it going and get familiar with a
new and beneficial piece of riding gear?

Performance and route discovery made easy

Using a cycling GPS will help you to monitor your riding in terms of power output,
speed and cadence, giving you a better idea of how you are performing. It also helps
you to know where you are riding and keep track of where you have ridden.
Most cycling GPS also feature networks that help you to see where your
fellow riders have ridden, making it easy to find new routes.

Intensity tracking is key to improvement

Regardless of your skill level, by tracking your riding intensity, you are able to tweak your
volume and intensity level, enabling consistent and sustainable improvement.
It will also help to protect you from overtraining and burnout.