To ensure safer riding; making it easier to achieve your performance targets, taking on your riding challenges;
we need to make sure your bike is truly YOUR partner. There are dimensions we need to get right.

What makes mountain bike fitting so much more involved is the scope of different riding challenges,
and the extreme variety of performance / comfort / safety requirements.
It’s also why a mountain bike fitting has to be about you. The bike needs to be fitted to you in every respect.

Gravity-orientated bikes have the geometry and set-up to put you in a more upright position with less default weight over the front wheel. Marathon racing, which requires more pedal power, especially on climbs, will have your body tilted further forward with more default weight over the front wheel.

The case in favour of dropper seatposts is that with a flick of a lever, you can change your saddle height in a split second to suit the kind of gradient you are tackling.

Buying a new bike? Then take the time and get the bike perfectly setup for you; your current riding (including your current level of skill), and your priorities.
If you already have a bike that you don’t feel is the perfect partner, then book in for a ‘fitting’ and make it YOUR bike.