Tackle any angle and any speed with confidence

Whether it’s on a climb, a technical descent or a breezy flat, the balance of this bike is as clear as day,
it feels as though it was specially made for each section of a XC trail.

More traction and agility

By moving the drivetrain outwards by 6mm,
their designers have been able to create a much shorter chainstay,
so the rear wheel can move forward.

This effectively improves the agility of the bike,
the grip as well as beefing up the stiffness of the rear wheel.

All this cutting-edge innovation comes
with the added bonus of two bottle
holders. Something that any rider,
no matter what skill level,
will definitely appreciate.

Better cornering and more control

That’s what Cannondale Lefty forks are all about.
Their unique design provides added stiffness
you’ll struggle to get out of dual-legged forks,
and what’s more, they can be extra-lightweight as well.

Have you ever ridden with a Lefty fork?

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