Changing speed quickly in slippery conditions is difficult, whether braking or accelerating.
Trying to slow too quickly can create a slide, while trying to step on the power
will often cause you to spin out.

To keep moving forward efficiently when it’s slippery and muddy, try and even out your power across the whole pedal stroke.
Stay seated, lower your cadence, and maintain your rhythm. Good tyres are going to help.

In the mud, you want a tyre that will provide a balance between grip, rolling efficiency and the ability to shed mud.
The Michelin Wild Grip'r 29X2.25 MTB Tyre creates that balance through the distribution and the shape of the center tread blocks.
For safe and effective cornering, and grip, the height, spacing, and angle of the outer tread blocks were optimized.
Additional grip in corners is generated by small gradings in the tread blocks.

Make it a point to improve your skills. Even more than an improved performance, you’ll get more fulfillment from your time on the trails.
Remember, the right equipment contributes. Make sure you have all conditions covered.