Enjoy one of South Africa’s most scenic valleys

Nestled in an imposing belt of mountains in the Cape Winelands is the Franschhoek Valley, and within this valley,
Boschendal Wine Farm is home to some astonishing MTB trails.

The surrounding area is also incredibly beautiful and offers plenty to do off your bike as well.

A thrilling ride across the skills spectrum

Whether you’re an advanced MTB rider,
a weekend warrior or just starting out,
there’s a trail to suit you. While the
black trail is an extremely popular
route for the advanced riders, there are
other trails that are great for
beginners to intermediate riders as well.

For the particularly adventurous,
the singletrack are complete with
berms, table tops and gap jumps.

Stay hydrated out on the trails

Making sure you’re properly hydrated is really important,
especially in the searing December heat. While water is a given,
using an isotonic energy drink that replaces electrolytes is smart.

Need help with your hydration strategy?

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