As we saw last week, a single chainring has pros and cons that should be considered before making any changes to your drivetrain.
It is also important to assess yourself and decide whether or not it could work for you because while it has its benefits,
a single chainring setup is not for everyone.

Riding strength
Each rider has their performance sweet spot in which they are most comfortable.
This is where cadence and power output are consistent and easy to maintain for long
periods of time. Double and triple chainrings can offer more room to stay in your
sweet spot than a single chainring. For this reason, single chainrings may work better for
stronger riders who are okay with potentially extended periods riding outside of their
comfort zone. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that strong riders automatically
should be using a single chainring.

If you are riding on very hilly terrain with lots of steep ups and downs, a single chainring could be limiting.
It may require that you coast downhill, losing speed, or really grind uphill in the lowest gear, slowing you down.
So, which chainring works best for you depends on your riding strengths as well as gearing habits.

Gearing habits
Ask yourself, how often do you change a single gear so that you can stay at your optimal cadence and wattage? 
If you change gears a lot, both front and rear, then you may be better off with a double chainring 
that provides you with more gear range and room.

Effective gearing technique is one of the most important aspects of performance and can also make your ride a whole lot more fun. We can help you gear more efficiently.
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A drivetrain that enables you to perform at your best
You want a chainring that is going to make it easier for you to stay in your sweet spot. While you can look into varying sizes of the front chainring, you need to know your abilities before you can pick the right one. This means two things, knowing your performance zones and knowing how you use your gears. Speak to us about performance tracking devices and gearing tips

Effective gearing does wonders for your performance and enjoyment!
Let's find the best chainring setup for you.