Does 2kgs make a difference?

Losing 2 kilograms of bodyweight is attainable for most of us out there,
but how exactly would this help your performance out on the trails?

A reduction in body weight can make a difference in your performance. Gravity favours the lighter rider when climbing.
For example, if you hold the same amount of watts (140 W) on a 5km climb with a 4% gradient and you weigh in
at 80kg instead of 82kg, you can save over 30 seconds.

In case you think 30 seconds is not a significant difference, once you’ve experienced someone slowly pulling away on a climb,
you’ll know that every second counts and that 30 of them is a quite a chunk.

Conquer your mountain

Losing body weight can be challenging and take time. A lighter bike will challenge your bank account.
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