There are a number of clues to a drivetrain that is wearing: a chain that fits loosely to your large front chainring;
the teeth on your cogs becoming sharp (check your front chainrings, rear cassette, and derailleur jockey wheels);
occasional slipping when pedaling hard; uncertain shifting or erratic gear shifts; a squeaky drivetrain.

You can also get scientific about this (we recommend you do) and use a ‘chain wear measuring’ tool.
They’re simple to use, and while they measure the chain not the whole drivetrain, they will measure
the chain and offer clues to the rest.

A very worn chain can mean that your chainrings and cassette may be worn too. Replacing the entire drivetrain can be costly,
but by replacing only your chain regularly, you'll reduce the risk of needing a drivetrain overhaul. If you're unsure,
bring your bike into the store to be assessed.

We have a number of good chain cleaners and lubes. If you’re unsure about what you need to keep your chain in perfect running order,
please speak to one of our staff and they’ll offer advice and guidance. If you want some help immediately, then