Building a solid foundation

Aerobic endurance is your ability to sustain a certain level of intensity for a long period of time,
it is a measure of your riding stamina. While speed, power, and technique are vitally important aspects of
performing better, aerobic endurance is the foundation upon which you build to get faster and stronger.

Improve your Aerobic Endurance

To improve your aerobic endurance, you should ride
for a prolonged period, usually 90-120 minutes, at 60-80%
of your maximum heart rate, or in zones 2 and 3.
How you split your time in each zone depends on
your training goals and fitness level.

Find your sweet spot
Keeping your intensity in the narrow channel of 75%-80% of your max heart rate in zone 3 is where
many riders enter a so-called sweet spot for endurance training. Riding at this intensity for a long time
without dipping back down into zone 2 can get really tough, so listen to your body.
It should be challenging but not excruciating.

Smart, stronger, faster

Our Cycle Lab Active weekly rides are the perfect opportunity for
you to build your aerobic endurance and base.