Aerobic endurance is your ability to sustain a certain level of intensity for a long period of time.
Losing bodyweight can help your performance out on the trails
Manufacturers make different size frames and allow bikes to be adjusted to fit you, and not the other way around.
The right contact points, the chosen seat type; now we need to get the seat height, position, and tilt right to maximise comfort.
There’s no need to allow poor conditions to impact your concentration.
If you want more control over the direction of your bike in corners, here’s a great tip.
Here’s a very simple check to monitor chain wear.
Wet and muddy conditions bring the threat of a slide or spin-out. What to do?
We could sell you a new Drivetrain, but we’d much rather you looked after your current one. Here’s what you need.
Safe cornering just takes some thought.
We need to make sure the contact points are going to offer you saddle comfort.
Mud happens, or something similar. So protect yourself
We want you to get the maximum time out of your current Drivetrain.
To lean into corners safely, allowing you the tightest turn, you need to have your weight split between two points.
Fundamental to your saddle comfort is something much more specific than the size of your rear-end.
If you’ve made the effort to get to the top of the climb, then coming down should be joyous. Is it for you?
A simple piece of advice for muddy conditions.
Those of you interested in improving performance will always want to learn about anything that improves weight-to-power ratio.
Carbon fibers are amazing materials with really exciting properties for anyone who wants everything on a bike, including simplicity.
This is advice that every rider should repeat to themselves every time they go out on the trails.
Data and insights for the athlete. Rugged, mobile, connected. Elegant, good-looking, lightweight, very wearable on all occasions.
In order to offer some flexibility in your pedal stroke, and to help reduce the chance of strain or injury, ‘floating cleats’ were introduced.
A very simple tip that makes you so much safer.
While the differences might seem obvious to most, technology is now blurring some of the lines.
The TomTom Adventurer GPS outdoor watch has been built to support multiple activities in the outdoor environment.
There’s debate about whether a fitting starts with your pelvis or your feet.
Another skill to develop to improve your ride. Safer. More controlled. Faster.
Very few of us are professional athletes, so we have to fit a bike purchase into a budget.
Committed cyclists want it all. The Polar V800 GPS Watch supports multi-sports. It provides a comprehensive athlete’s support tool.
If only a bike fitting was just about geometry, but it’s not.
A good starting point to improve your riding skills. We’ve got a suggestion.
It’s time to let 21st century innovation improve your cycling.
Clip-in, or clipless pedals, with their cleat attachment, have given riders more control while generating more power.
There are a number of clues to a drivetrain that is wearing.
Want to maintain a steady cadence on your climb? Then we have 3 tips.
Seat height and position is going to alter your riding position.
Mountain bike riding offers up so much, including surprises. Is your bike set up to minimise the impact of any surprise? Safer riding results if it is.
The many, many, many thousands of revolutions you’ve pedaled are going to inevitably wear away at your drivetrain parts.
Aerobic efficiency and sitting as long as possible. These are two of the tops for better climbing.
While we’re selecting a saddle for a mountain bike, there are still some saddle type or saddle features we should be considering.
Have discipline to your bike maintenance. That discipline starts with your chain.
Everyone can get more out of their climb, but it starts with some foundations and basic skills.
Your sit-bone width is a very important measure as we look to find you the perfect saddle.
With mountain bikes, there isn’t an equation that gets you to one right fitting. There’s more than just dimensions.
To avoid the potential for hassle out on the road, maintain your bike.
If you want to enjoy your climbing, or even become King of the Mountain, start with an understanding of fuel.
The saddle probably has the largest impact on whether someone will go on to enjoy riding or whether it’ll be a less frequent “joy”.
With the largest selection of Mountain Bikes, we make finding the right bike easy for you. But, we then need to turn it into your perfect partner.
We believe that everyone should have a home trainer setup to maximise the return on their investment in a bike.
Ride smart, stay safe, and enjoy your ride more.
Your tyres are the only contact you have with the ground. We can help you find the best for you.
To make better, timeous decisions, you need good looking skills.
If the winter mornings and evenings are reducing the amount of time you can get out on the road, then we’d recommend that you look at an indoor home trainer.
No matter the type of riding that you are doing, you need to be smart and make sure that you are prepared against the winter elements.
Making sure you have enough grip through to conquer any trail is what all enduro and trail riders need.
If you want to ride safer and faster on the trail, develop your looking skills so that you’re looking through, and not at upcoming objects.
The performance and enjoyment of summer riding is created in the winter effort.
Ensure you are properly kitted to ride in the darker and colder months this winter.
Going the distance requires being prepared. Having the right tyre helps you cross that finish line.
Do you know how you create a 3D image in the brain?
Use the winter to get fitter, to make your edge sharper, and to make sure that you’re in shape and ready for Spring.
Have you experienced the magic of sunrise and sunset from your bike?
More speed comes with more confidence. More confidence comes from having the perfect partner.
Looking is one of the core riding skills. Improve your skill and you’ll ride faster and safer.
It’s been said that disc brake systems on road bikes are solving a problem that doesn’t exist.
You can create more versatility in your riding position with aerodynamic clip-on handlebars, by fitting a set that have adjustable pads.
If you want your bike to handle properly over bumps, drops, obstacles, and holes, then you need to make sure that your movement isn’t too rapid or too slow in your front fork suspension.
Riding different terrains with different challenges, at different speeds, requires you to become skilled out of the saddle.
At CycleLab, we’re committed to providing our customers, and the cyclists of South Africa, with the opportunity to choose.
Fitting a set of aerodynamic clip-on handle-bars then isn’t about making your bike more aerodynamic, it’s about making you more aerodynamic.
Setting your air compression is the next step to delivering a balanced suspension and a better ride
Sometimes the saddle gets in the way, actually inhibiting movement or pushing you into more dangerous positions.
New materials and manufacturing processes continue to diminish the weight penalty of disc vs rim brakes
Before you think about investing in major upgrades to your bike, you can improve your performance by improving your own aerodynamics.
A properly balanced suspension turns your bike into a great bike, delivering you the traction and control to enjoy any trail.
Neither the saddle, nor the ‘neutral’ position is advised when facing a rough and rowdy terrain, or a need for speed.
We want you tackling downhills faster, more comfortably, more in control, and more safely.
Are you giving up traction, control, and speed? Are you at more risk of a rash?
Better performance, more control, less maintenance, more versatility.
With independent test results (Cycling Weekly) highlighting that you can gain 25 watts at 45kph, you can understand the interest in Aero bikes.
Lightweight, aero, or gravel grinder? Which bike you ride depends on the type of riding you’re doing and what you want out of it.
In road cycling, the bunch is your support, your anchor, your motivation. Understanding how to behave will ensure the bunch appreciates you too.
Gaining in popularity, E-bikes make fast, fun riding accessible to all cyclists.
Overcoming challenges is one of the best ways to stay motivated. Strava offers a range of monthly cycling challenges for you to tackle.
Gravel grinder bikes are specifically designed to make riding over tar and gravel comfortable in equal measure.
Riding as part of a group carries you along without you really noticing it. Add some thought and you can help carry everyone along.
If you get your kicks from going as fast as you can up hills and through twisting singletracks, then a cross-country bike is the right bike for you.
Use Strava to find a time trial route that you can use to gauge your performance level.
Stiff and aerodynamic, aero bikes are built to help you squeeze every bit of speed and power into your ride.
Working as a team leads to a shared experience, a shared accomplishment.
If you love trails with big drops, jumps, berms and lots of downhill, a trail bike is perfect for you.
Tracking your cycling performances enables you to make the necessary adjustments to go faster.
If you are getting into mountain biking, hardtail bikes are a good starting point.
Tracking devices allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve.
Lightweight road bikes offer all-round performance. Not as fast as aero bikes, not as comfortable as endurance bikes, but that happy place in the middle.
You don’t have to be an expert to ride in a group. The social experience is hard to beat. It’s a load shared.
Good tyres, set to the correct pressure, improve grip, speed, control and safety.
Riding with a group is great fun. Understand how to make the most of it, and it's even more fun. So here are a few more tips.
We want you to be safer, yet faster, through the turns. So develop your cornering skills.
Late-ride fatigue causes many riders, new to a group, unnecessary discomfort.
Improving your control over traction makes you safer and faster through corners.
It can be easy to forget to hydrate,
here’s a tip to remind yourself.
Lower your centre of gravity as you corner and become faster and more confident.
Riding in a bunch makes training or competing more social.
Knowing how to ride in the rain is one thing, doing so in a group is another.
What goes into changing your drivetrain to a single chainring.
A few things to consider before making the switch to a single chainring.
It is really important to take note of changes to the road in wet weather.
Wearing and using high visibility clothing and gear makes for a safer ride.
Thinking of making the switch to a single chainring? Read this first.
Get properly equipped to make your rainy rides more pleasant.
A look at how we got from 3x9 drivetrains to the sleek 1x11 ones of today.
Routine maintenance often costs less than replacing an expensive component.
Being part of a cycling group can provide extra support, motivation and incentive.
A ride can be challenging, but don’t make it unnecessarily tough by not maintaining your bike properly.
We want to make your journey to better cycling a smooth one.
Keeping your components running smoothly makes for a better ride.
Setting yourself the challenge of completing a cycling event can provide extra motivation.
Make sure your bike is ready for the year of cycling that lies ahead.
Some important things to keep in mind when setting your cycling goals.
Looking back on 2017 - did you achieve everything you set out to?
Head down to one of South Africa’s most scenic valleys for epic riding and more.
New riding gear can motivate you and improve your cycling. Why not treat yourself this festive season?
From thick fynbos single tracks hugging the coast to dense forest trails to gravel, all in breathtaking scenery.
The holidays are a great opportunity to get the whole family together for a bit of biking fun and togetherness.
Whether its biking, nature, or adrenaline rushes you’re after, Oribi Gorge has it all.
Use some of your free time these holidays to find a new riding route.
Single-tracks, drop offs, berms and bridges on the KZN coastline.
Through its comfort and performance benefits, a bike fit can have indirect safety advantages.
Good nutrition habits are going to help you have a better, more enjoyable ride.
Lower centre of gravity and improved balance are key to better handling, and a custom fitting can help you get there.
Having the right gear and information can be the difference between a minor setback and a catastrophe.
Punctures are a nuisance, but being prepared is going to help you prevent and deal with them better.
A custom bike fit reduces your risk for chronic pain, enabling you to enjoy your ride.
By taking your physical dimensions into account, we can fit you for a more comfortable ride.
By taking your physical dimensions into account, we can fit you for a more comfortable ride.
Taking note of your immediate and approaching surroundings is a core riding skill.
Good recovery is just as important as consistent training, and active recovery is one way to improve yours.
Don’t make climbs more tough for yourself by getting the basics wrong.
Being able to kick up the intensity a notch or two can make all the difference to your performance and enjoyment.
With the right technique, descending can be safer and more fun.
This is the base of your cycling performance, so make sure you’re training it properly.
Body position has a direct impact on your performance and enjoyment.
Improve the effectiveness of your training by tracking your intensity.
Terms and Conditions
Koos is no stranger to injury, but he’s also very familiar with victory.
Make sure your hydration and nutrition strategy is giving you the best chance for success.
Cycle Lab Cornubia Opening Promotion Terms and Conditions
Ozzy is an example of what can be achieved with determination and love for the sport.
Being smart about your carbohydrate consumption can make a big difference to your training and performance.
Cycle Lab recognises this and has made it really easy for a cyclist at any level to buy a bike. With the tailor-made Bike Buying Guide found in-store, you will be cycling the roads or trails on your ... See more
We have some great news for the cycling community of Kwa-Zulu Natal… on 28 September 2017, our newest Cycle Lab Megastore will open its doors at the Cornubia Shopping Mall opposite Mount Edgecombe. ... See more
Riani says that cycling gave her a new lease on life.
Being smart about your carbohydrate consumption can make a big difference to your training and performance.
An introduction to the importance of the balance or good ratio of power produced by the back (POSTERIOR CHAIN) of the body; in relation to the front (ANTERIOR) muscles of the body.
Having gone through most of the technical aspects of the bikes and how we got started in my previous article, how we decided on a destination is next.
If you are struggling with a chronic injury, muscle imbalances impacting your sports performance or simply need guidance in muscle recruitment skill, then this will interest you.
It started out with weight loss and turned into a lifestyle for Dillon.
Eating right, both on and off the bike, is just as important as actual training.
Why is strength training important for endurance training and my sport - cycling? Simply put, once we break down the factors of Power Output and relate them towards our own sport and physical ... See more
From riding behaviour to dress, being safe involves being as visible as possible when out on your bike.
The right setup is going to help prevent stress injuries and improve your form for a better overall ride.
As a cyclist, being a flashy dresser helps to make your ride safer.
A few small adjustments to your setup can make a big difference to your average speed performance.
On Sunday 13th August 2017, I took a Cycle Lab group of Intermediate MTB ladies to Rosemary Hill, a MTB trail park in Pretoria. There were 11 of us altogether and the 9 ladies that rode with us ... See more
The way you ride affects your safety and that of your fellow cyclists.
Your handlebars and stem are directly linked to your upper body position and comfort levels.
Attaching lights to your bike is a good way to be more visible and safe on your bike.
The position of your cleats has a definite impact on the efficiency of your cadence.
On Sunday the 23rd of July, we hosted a 'Ladies MTB Course' at PwC Bike Park, in Bryanston. 25 ladies arrived, and the deck was a buzz of excitement and energy...
My Bike
A story about, passion, bikes and the beginning of what will become a never ending story with the great and adventurous outdoors...
Cycle the wide open, rural spaces of the Lowveld.
Knowing the basics about brakes is essential for every cyclist.
When I injured my lower back a few years ago, I found out a very important test that has carried over to my basic version to assess the state of strength between the front and back of their bodies...
Better performance, more fun and a longer lasting bike. That’s what a clean drivetrain can deliver.
Stellenbosch valley is not just about wine tasting, it’s also a brilliant place to cycle.
We are delighted to announce that Cobus Pretorius, who is a long standing member of the MoreCorp family, will fulfil the role of General Manager at Cycle Lab Boksburg... All the best Cobus
Your tyre pressure has an impact on both performance and comfort.
Smooth tar, wide lanes, long roads and expansive scenery.
What more could a roadie ask for?
Take an hour each month to tend to your chain and enjoy smooth cycling every day of the week.
Cycle a coastal road that rivals any in the world.
One thing that has always stayed with me on my journey of sports science, training, and coaching - is the simple lesson of physics that can be related to all types of movement and performance: Learn ... See more
It’s really encouraging to see the Cycle lab MTB ladies at PwC Bike Park on a Friday mornings at the ladies MTB skills sessions...come and join in...
We know it’s exciting to watch your little one start their cycling journey and guiding them along their way by being at their side as they learn, grow, fall, rise and conquer all they thought was ... See more
The 30-20-10 method helps improve your power and speed while making indoor training more engaging.
Effective weight loss and performance gains require you to do the basics right.
Win with adidas Sport Eyewear & Cycle Lab during the Cycle Lab Le Tour Promo in July...Shop and stand a chance to win.
The women’s mountain bike scene has been booming in recent years, with gutsy girls donning the trails with the wind in their hair and mud on their faces. So, fancy jumping on the trail...
Indoor training devices enable you to keep riding when the weather doesn't play along.
Doing different forms of exercise can add an extra dimension to your training.
Indoor training enables you to keep riding through the winter. Here’s the equipment you’ll need.
Understanding energy balance can make sustainable weight loss more achievable.
RUSH is the African pioneer of raw, free-form, superfood nutrition, with a vision to fuel health and adventure...
Indoor training devices enable you to keep riding when the weather doesn't play along.
Dropping as little as 2kg can make a big difference to your performance.
Use this winter to do just that.
By purchasing a Rush Natural Nutrition bar during this period, Cycle Lab customers who visit the Fourways, Pretoria and Boksburg stores can help to change lives with bicycles
Why your bike should be serviced regularly.
It’s arguably the most valuable riding tool you can use to improve your performance.
Some of what goes into a standard bike service.
The gear and apparel you choose can free you up to focus on your ride.
Having your bike SmartFitted to your unique dimensions
is an important part of cycling to your full potential.
It’s vitally important to understand the relationship between carbohydrates, glucose and glycogen so that you can get the best of out your training and performance
Know what to look out for so you can keep your bike in good nick.
The benefits of clip-in pedals. Making the switch to clip-ins can be unnerving, but here’s why it makes such a difference.
Some important checks to make before every ride.
Carbon fibre may cost more, but what you’re getting is improved comfort and performance.
Over winter your body is more susceptible to cold and flu, but you can keep it at bay.....
Summer bodies are made in winter…but we think it’s an all-round program, using innovative solutions that deliver accurate data so you can get the best out of every training session.
There are certain best practices you’ll do well to know and do.
Don’t make long, endurance rides any more difficult then they should be. Smart gear choices can help.
Shorter, easier climbs are a good opportunity to sharpen your climbing technique.
Being connected, tracked and supported with a comprehensive medical team at the touch of a button is here… don’t get left out in the cold.
Triple decaf shot latte with a twist of lemon, hold the caffeine… said no cyclist ever….
Prevention is better than cure, but you won’t be able to get it right all the time, especially when it comes to the bottom line…
By positioning your body properly during a climb, you’ll have more in the tank to push through to the top.
Positioning yourself well on the bike will help you climb better.

When all the aspects of good climbing technique come together and you dominate that hill!
A rhythmical cadence and consistent power output are key to riding well.
Gear changes should not get in the way of smooth cadence and power output.
To find your equilibrium, stability and balance when it comes to riding has as much to do with your mindset as your ability, but you need both…
There’s a lot that goes into a good climb, not least of which is pacing yourself.
Sometimes, even the best preparation isn't enough to make up for incorrect pacing.
Sweat rates, conditions and frequency are all important parts of staying hydrated during your ride.
While a custom bike fitting helps you feel more comfortable on the bike, the effects can extend beyond that and into performance levels too.
How to Stay Motivated to keep your cycle fitness is about remembering what’s important to you and how to best go about staying the course.
This year’s ABSA CAPE EPIC Mixed Team category winners, know best, cheers on your win and bottoms up to great nutrition. Well done Jenny and Thomas.
For every uphill there's a downhill!!
This is the adrenaline rush that most mountain bikers live for, the wind rushing through your helmet, the exhilarating blur of scenery. This is also where ...
See more
Your choice of hydration can make a huge difference to your performance and enjoyment on the bike. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a mix.
Being comfortable on your bike plays a massive part in the quality and enjoyment of your riding experience.
Get your recovery nutrition right and you’ll be back faster and stronger than before. Get it wrong and you could drop performance and even burn out.
Having your bike custom fitted to your unique dimensions is an important part of cycling to your full potential.
The world has changed more in the last 50 years than in the last 150 000. Luckily, we no longer have to hunt for our food, and the nutritional supplement and readily available fresh meat and produce ... See more
Taking in the right food at the right time before a ride can be tricky. Here are a few things to keep in mind about pre-ride nutrition.
Ruling out problems in your bike setup is an important part of dealing with aches and pains.
Importantly, your parents where not wrong when they said, eat your greens. More importantly, not all greens are good for you so find out which ones work for you.
The experience of pain is a complex combination of physiological and psychological factors. It is both a sensory and an emotional experience and some of us deal with it better than others.
Expectations are the golden thread to the outcomes we hope for our life. Without them we would never look hopefully across the room at our teenage crush and risk the potential life altering rejection ... See more
What started out as another pleasant weekend morning cycle quickly became an important learning experience.
Knowing what works for you in matters that seem obvious is more important than advice from the gallery, so we think it’s a good idea to understand what works for you…
With any activity, regardless of how far it will push your body and mind, We think it’s important to warm up. You can never be sure of what you might find around the corner, especially in a race and ... See more
An unscheduled dismount is named after itself and only when your world slows down and you retain each nanosecond of that new movie you now call on at each ever less exciting recounting, because you ... See more
There is no easy way around this, its horses for courses...
We fight oxidative stress with antioxidants produced naturally within the body, but still need to eat these foods as well. Fruit and vegetables are key to a healthier lifestyle.
Discipline is remembering what you want, and doing what you need to do off the bike in order to become all you can be on the bike, is a sure fire way to becoming the rider you know you can be and ... See more
Remember the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.

Having a light on your bike so you can break the camouflaged background through which you ride is the easiest way to stay visible to ...
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The Peloton is not a mystery, even if the word is originally from French, originally meaning 'platoon'). It refers to the main group or pack of riders in a road bicycle race. Riders in a group save ... See more
Being comfortable with the technical aspects of your ride is going to make it a better and safer experience.
Powerful cyclists have a fast turn of pace that doesn’t sap all their energy for the rest of the ride. Here’s a way you can develop power and speed endurance.
To make sustainable improvements, you need to train consistently while remaining injury-free. Here’s where structured, personalised training is invaluable.
The beginner’s journey into cycling can be a really exciting one where new experiences come thick and fast.
Like with any form of group activity, if you want it to be a success, you must accept the form or partnership you are entering.
Knowing the rules and understanding your own limitations is helpful ...
See more
As a rider you appreciate how important your balance is and that developing this skill will mean you become an even more comfortable and confident rider.
We want to make it easy for you to ...
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The wisdom of knowledge, means acting on what you know and applying it to what is best for you.

Carbs are always a contentious issue and knowing what works for you and applying that wisdom ...
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It's all up to you.
Your recovery is going to depend on what you put in your body, post workout recovery is key to your continued ability to perform at your best.

There are many forms ...
See more
Understanding how your body uses fuel is key to getting the best out of each ride. If you are riding LSD (Long Slow Distance) or challenging yourself with short-lasting, high intensity activity, in ... See more
Is all starts with an adventurous spirit, but that does not have to mean you don’t know where you are going. Sometimes it’s great to just ride and see where the road takes you, but if you are serious ... See more
In the wise and resonating words of John C Maxwell, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time”.
We agree and offer some practical ...
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And the Velogique, of "It never gets easier, you just go faster." should resonate with you. You should not question it but rather understand it immediately, knowing the time and effort it will take ... See more
When it comes to fueling your body its best to understand what you need, but also to appreciate what works for you. Everyone is different and so it’s important to get a handle on how to fuel your ... See more
When you are on the side of the road, with a broken chain, a third puncture and no more tubes or Co2 canisters, you are going to wish you checked out this little gems of detail on how to listen to ... See more
If you are thirsty, it’s already too late, they say! We are not interested in what they say, so this is what our experts have to say on the matter. Knowledge is power and power in the form of a ... See more
Believing in yourself goes beyond just an idea, it speaks to an inspired self with realistic goals that are manageable, achievable and perhaps a little scary all for the very reason to raise you up ... See more
Some rules are meant to be broken and some rules keep you from being broken, we would like you to keep the rubber side down, so read on and find out for yourself how best to keep it tidy and upright.

Reduce inflammation & improve recovery…

Many problems with our health can arise from poor management of blood sugar levels. Energy is without doubt affected by sugar highs and lows.
We have all experienced the instant high after a ...
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Make every second count

Q: Is it good/recommended to train consecutive days or better to have a rest in between to give your body a break and recover.
A: It depends on what event you are training for and where you are ...
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How to optimise your training

Question: What are the optimal number of training rides per week, what would be your suggestion?
Answer: 4 rides a week is the best return on time invested, however if you can get in 5 or 6 ...
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Pedaling is your driver and there's an interplay here between man and machine that needs to be setup for the proper performance.
She’s had her bike for a week and this is the first time she’s getting out on the road for a ride.
Emma quickly learns that there’s more to biking than staying up straight and going as fast as possible.
Knowing how strong you are in relation to your body weight can help you identify how much room for improvement you’ve got.
After deciding to take up cycling, Emma goes through the process of finding the right bike for her.
Here’s one way that a 2kg drop in bodyweight can improve your cycling performance.
On her quest to get active again, Emma is surprised at the appeal cycling has taken up.
Improving your FTP is a surefire way to improve your climbing ability, and sweet spot intervals are a great way to achieve this.
After finally getting around to going for a health checkup, I got a bit of a reality check. Hear how it went and what my resolutions to get healthy again are.
This is one of the most useful ways to gauge your cycling performance as well as improve, and it’s actually quite a simple concept once you understand it.
Have you considered how a diverse social setting and healthy level of competition can help your cycling development?
Often all it takes is a setup tweak or technique adjustment to start turning a weakness into a strength.
You can do all the strength and technique work you want, but if you can't trust your equipment your performance and enjoyment will suffer.
The set up of your seat has a major impact on the amount of power you're able to generate. Want to know how?
The road is a blur beneath and you're separated from it by two thin strips of rubber. So you have no other choice but to focus on the present.