Your ‘sit-bone width’ (discussed last week – missed it, then click here) is a very important measure as we look to find you the perfect saddle.
That will allow us to find a saddle that can provide the right support contact points for those bones.
Don’t think this is a measure of your rearend size, and don’t think you can match that to a saddle’s appearance. They are deceptive. 

Just because a saddle looks wider, doesn’t mean the design doesn’t push up between your sit-bones creating excessive pressure.
The saddle on the right starts wide but drops off in width quickly. Compare it to the saddle on the left.

There are other contact points we need to worry about. The transition areas where the back of your thighs
would make contact is important. About now, you’ll appreciate why your saddle height, position, and the tilt,
also get to impact on your comfort.

We’d strongly recommend you spend time with one of our experts finding the saddle that will fit you.
Riding comfort and the riding experience go hand in hand. Our experts can help you find a saddle,
and its position, height, and tilt, to enable support for your contact points, and comfort in movement.