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Lightweight, aero, or gravel grinder? Which bike you ride depends on the type of riding you’re doing and what you want out of it.
In road cycling, the bunch is your support, your anchor, your motivation. Understanding how to behave will ensure the bunch appreciates you too.
Gaining in popularity, E-bikes make fast, fun riding accessible to all cyclists.
Gravel grinder bikes are specifically designed to make riding over tar and gravel comfortable in equal measure.
Riding as part of a group carries you along without you really noticing it. Add some thought and you can help carry everyone along.
If you get your kicks from going as fast as you can up hills and through twisting singletracks, then a cross-country bike is the right bike for you.
Use Strava to find a time trial route that you can use to gauge your performance level.
Stiff and aerodynamic, aero bikes are built to help you squeeze every bit of speed and power into your ride.